MOHELA Security Information

MOHELA takes security and privacy very seriously. We realize that your data is valuable and we take appropriate steps to protect that data. To protect our borrowers, we have invested in the latest technology; including Web Application and Next Generation Firewalls as well as an industry leading Security Information Event Management Dashboard. We promise to continue to invest in technology and staff to keep your information secure.

You will notice that if you try to login to your account from a computer not previously authorized, you will be presented with a challenge question (e.g. “What is the name of your first pet?”). We do this to make your account more secure so if a person obtains your password they will also have to know the answer to your security question to get into your online account. This is a standard practice for financial websites.

MOHELA monitors systems internally and externally (when applicable) from an availability as well as a security perspective. We use multiple systems to ensure that systems are performing as expected and their integrity is maintained.

Knowledge Finance supports TLS 1.2, which is supported by newer browsers including:

  • Google Chrome - 30 and above

  • Mozilla Firefox - 27 and above

  • Microsoft Edge - all versions

  • Apple Safari - 7 and above

  • Apple Safari (Mobile) - iOS 5+

If you use an older browser, may not function properly after the update. Please consider upgrading to a newer browser.

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