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Jamie Brown

Director Of Operations

Jamie Brown Bio

Ms. Brown has been dedicated to the higher education industry since 2006. Ms. Brown has managed both portfolio performance and implemented effective collection strategies. These strategies include, proactive and targeted communications with a counseling approach in mind helping students manage their student debt. These approaches saved students from defaulting on their Federal and private student loans and provided the tools for students to maintain their accounts in good standing. As a key contributor to the Management Team, she launched the Specialty Servicing division for private loan servicing in 2014. Ms. Brown has established new client relationships, all while managing servicing operations, exceeding client performance metrics and maintaining high quality customer experience for the $16 billion in assets serviced. Ms. Brown is now focusing this energy to the development of the Income Share Agreement (ISA) division. She is committed to working with institutions who are dedicated to providing access to higher education and specialized training programs at affordable costs.